A relaxing hotel standing amidst beautiful Japanese nature,
featuring western-style functional beauty and Japanese taste.

We are a hot spring resort hotel that offers a relaxing stay,
standing beside a lake amidst colorful Japanese nature and fresh air.
The hotel’s highlights include the natural soft quality hot spring,
and the buffet-style meals with a great variety of dishes prepared using local ingredients.
The hotel also has convenient access to the surrounding sightseeing spots,
so you enjoy yourself in many different ways.

Gensen Yunoyado Sennotani


A hot spring hotel situated about 2 hours away from Tokyo Station.
Tanigawadake and Okutone Lake are some of the places
where you can take pleasure in seeing the beautiful nature of Japan.

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Hot spring

Hot spring
The soft water, the surrounding mountains and rural landscape that illustrate the colorful seasons of Japan,
and the starry sky at night bring solace to your body and soul.
There is a large bath with a view of the surrounding scenery, and a private open-air bath offering private time for families and groups.
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Meals with dishes prepared using carefully selected seasonal foods and fresh local ingredients are served buffet style.
Each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure safe and secure food, as well as to guarantee the taste.
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Guest rooms

A relaxing room featuring western-style functional beauty and Japanese taste.
Room types can be selected from a wide range of rooms including rooms with a hot spring open-air bath,
Japanese-style rooms, Japanese/Western-style rooms,
and western-style rooms according to your preference.
Guest rooms Guest rooms
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